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3 / 14 / 2017

Performance Tuning in Azure SQL Data Warehouse

(This was originally posted on 01/09/2016 on another site and has been moved here) Yesterday I spent over an hour with John Huang (Azure SQL Data Warehouse team) and Martin Lee (MCS – Microsoft Consulting Services).  They were extremely graceful in helping me try to performance tune a very difficult query.  Since SQLDW is so new, they are looking to see how to help the community as a whole in

2 / 22 / 2017

Power Pivot & Power BI training in Bentonville at Walmart Intl Building

Here are Harvest, we’re proud of our partnerships.  Last year we were fortunate to help Walmart International bring in Rob Collie who wrote the book on PowerPivot for training.  We’re very fortunate he’s back here this year again for private on-site training that we are making available to our readers and customers. What is Power Pivot? PowerPivot is a built-in Microsoft EXCEL Add In (2013

2 / 13 / 2017

DAX calculation for local time versus UTC

DAX is Microsoft’s powerful language behind Excel and Power BI.  Very few users of Excel know that you can utilize it, but it’s predominately available in one of the most underutilized features called PowerPivot.  Fortunately DAX is used also in Power BI and while creating a report for use by a customer I needed to translate log times from local time and compare it to UTC time. Probl