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Version 2.9.0

Version 3.0 was released on 01/01/2017.

Changes in This Release
  • Changed the SVIST Channel enum to be named Assembly or Warehouse rather than abbreviations

  • Added a new SVIST Channel called Unknown to reflect what we get from Retail Link

  • Added a new Data Type enum to signify what an object means (e.g. Data, Summary, or Total)

  • Updated SVIST Level 1 Vendor, Level 2 Items, and Level 3 PO Details to grab summary and total rows

  • Updated SVIST Level 3 PO Details to handle multiple pages, and account for the silliness that ensues when having > 10 pages.

  • Changed date properties on InStockPODetail, and InStockItem to be nullable Dates to handle Total Row.

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