The Harvest team quickly and effectively set me up with their tool. With this program installed, I don’t have to come in every Monday morning and submit each individual report to have the most up to date information. This easily saves me an hour every Monday. The information is already run and saved to a folder on my hard drive when I get here, so that I can immediately begin sending out weekly reports. It is also very convenient in the sense that I don’t have to be at the mercy of retail link on Monday mornings depending on how slowly it is running that day. They also made sure that we could easily transition to an updated version when it was necessary with quick and easy steps making it a very smooth change.

Courtney Bertrand Customer Development Analyst

Harvest was instrumental in developing special applications for various functions. They developed a data maintenance application used by the Category Analytics group to maintain the custom hierarchy. They also designed an internal website for the Bentonville office. Their worked also included SQL database administration and development. They created reports using SQL Reporting Services for the Product Supply team and these reports are still in use today. Their knowledge of Retail Link data and the understanding of the needs of the different functions allowed them to create reports and applications that saved significant time. The development of their application to auto download Retail Link queries saves approximately 30 to 40 hours of time a week. This has allowed the functions to spend time analyzing data not just pulling data.

Tony Beardsley I.S. Business Solutions Manager

I am LOVING the download tool!!! Downloading all my Monday reports has saved me 2 hours from downloading to emailing the reports.

Stephani Bobbitt Category Manager

Harvest IT has been a great help with our .NET projects. I can always count on them to handle our more difficult development tasks weather they are large or small. They do a good job of keeping me updated and finishing in a timely matter. They've even had to bail me out a few times when I had an emergency and need to talk to an expert.

Jim Newhouse Just Between Friends

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

-Bill Gates, Microsoft