Cameron Smith & Associates is suppliers’ first choice in recruiting for the competitive Walmart supplier job market, connecting qualified candidates to CPG jobs in Northwest Arkansas and throughout the country.

Global consumer products companies have for nearly 20 years partnered with CSA to fill such key positions as Team Leader, National Account Manager, Category Advisor, Supply Chain Manager and Retail Link Analyst. CSA also sources sales and marketing professionals for companies providing advertising, marketing, merchandising and data management services to the suppliers.

Building on its deep roots in the vendor community and an unparalleled recruiting record, CSA has expanded its reach to Minneapolis, Seattle and other vendor hubs. CSA gives you an edge in securing talent to manage your business at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Costco, Walgreens and other leading retailers across the mass, club, e-commerce, grocery, drug and dollar channels.

8th & Walton is a Bentonville, Arkansas-based Walmart supplier development company that has helped hundreds of organizations in their efforts to be better suppliers to the world's largest retailer. 8th & Walton empowers their clients to achieve more through knowledge, solutions, resources, and connections. They deliver premium classes, rich content, and expert facilitators. With over 200 years of combined Walmart and Walmart supplier experience, their best-in-class experts have made 8th & Walton the gold standard for supplier solutions.