Especially to a website. This violates your retail link agreement and could result in the loss of retail link access.

What happens when I unselect the Always Overwrite option?

The 'Always Overwrite' option can keep the program from overwriting the original file. It does this by placing a date and time stamp at the end of the filename. For example, we schedule an Excel report called My Report1, for every weekday Mon-Fri. With the Always Overwrite option unselected, on Monday, it will name the report "My Report1". Tuesday it will name the report "My Report1 20050131 - 121533.xls". 20050131 being the January 31st, 2005 and 121533 being 12:15 PM and 33 seconds. For every weekday following, it will look exactly like Tuesday's filename with an updated date and time stamp.

When I click on a User, none of my Saved Reports show up nor anything else under Report Status and I get no errors. What could be wrong?

Double check your clock. If your clock is not correctly set, it will prevent Reap from logging into the system.

When I try to add a new user, the program gives me an encryption error. What can I do to fix it?

More than likely you have an outdated Internet Explorer web browser version installed. You can verify this by clicking on Help and About in your browser. It should say Cypher Strength: 128 bit. If it has any number lower than 128, you need to upgrade your browser. Please visit
http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads/recommended/128bit/default.mspx   or if you use Windows 2000, visit

I need a Shelled Command Line run, but only after several reports are downloaded. Since I don't know what order the will be downloaded what do I do?

In the case of loading a database, have each report run a sql statement to update a table, marking a record that indicated it has been downloaded. Then create an insert trigger that checks if all entries have been marked. If so, run your job.

How do I execute multiple command line statements after a report is downloaded?

Create a batch file. See Windows Help for examples on how to do this.

Why can't I get the Shell Command Line to work?

More than likely you haven't explicitly told where your executable resides on your computer. For example- C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
If this doesn't work, try running it from a command window first.

What is the Shell Command Line and how does it work (Professional Edition)?

Essentially the Shell Command Line allows you to execute a program (command) independent of our application. In Windows XP, if you will hit your Start menu, then go to All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt. Then type iexplore, you'll notice that it opens up Internet Explorer. The Shell Command Line works the same way.
Once a report is downloaded, we check to see if there is an attached shell command. If so, we then have the Windows operating system execute the command. At this point, the program releases control of the shell command and we let it execute on its own, this way we can continue processing reports without having to wait on your shelled command.

Why aren't certain reports showing up?

Try checking other report folders and see if your missing report is showing up there. If it is, more than likely you have two reports named the same. The only way we can tie a queued report (report in the status window) with a saved reports is by the saved report name. Thus Reap sees the two reports as the same one and can only place the report in one folder.

Should I use a separate retail link account for data downloads?

Typically, you want one Retail Link account. The reason is twofold. The password must be changed every now and then and often buyers won’t allow anyone but the category manager to have the additional access privileges.

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