Automates the downloading of Retail Link files from Walmart’s Decision Support Services (DSS)

Reap Software Download (v1.6.4)

Installation Requirements:
  • — You must Register in order to download the Trial.
  • — Updated to address bad passwords
  • — Works with the new Retail Link Login page
  • — Fixed expired password shell problem.
  • — Added functionality to handle the Password Hint request
    (you do not have to provide the Hint)

Reap User Manual

— Details on the functions and settings of Reap.

Reap Email White Paper

— Learn how to email reports that are downloaded. You can also apply this to other tasks, such as when a password is no longer valid.

Reap FTP White Paper

— After a report is downloaded, often times you may need to FTP the results. Following the instructions, you can setup the scripts in less than 15 minutes, then just copy paste to every report you need to send via FTP.

Linker™ Free Edition

This handy utility will notify you of done reports and let you save it. Developed in partnership with 8th & Walton.

Linker™ Free Edition (Beta)

Installation Requirements:
  • — Windows 7, 8, 10, Server 2008 SP2, Server 2008 R2 SP1, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2
  • — Click the Outlook like notifications to download a report
  • — Right Click the leaf in the system tray to access all features
  • — Left Click the leaf in the system tray to download the next report
  • — Developed in cooperation with 8th & Walton

Linker™ Developer Edition

Access Walmart’s Retail Link data via an API or Command Line Console applications.

Linker™ Developer Edition Brochure 2015

— Overview of the feature set in the Developer

Linker™ Developer Edition Supplier View In Stock Tool (SVIST)

— Available data via the Supplier View In Stock Tool repor

Linker™ Developer Edition Delivery Window (MABD – Must Arrive By Date)

— Available data via the Delivery Window report